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Shrimp's Book of Fun Animal Facts - Full eBook

Shrimp's Book of Fun Animal Facts - Full eBook

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An Early Reader for Kids to Laugh As They Learn about Sea Creatures from Mermaid Reef!


Shrimp wants to share his knowledge. Eel just wants to crack jokes.


Join best buddies Shrimp and Eel in an early reader that is laugh-out-loud funny and truly educational. Shrimp's Book of Fun Animal Facts teaches children about the residents of Mermaid Reef: eels, shrimps, seahorses, rays, manatees, crabs, lobsters, and more!

Learn about symbiotic relationships on the reef, camouflage in animals, and some bodily functions under the sea.

Second-grade reading level with interesting fun facts for children of all ages.

Featuring the characters of the Mermaid Reef Series: Mermaids Don't Fart, Abby the Braggy Crab, and Eel's Book of Mermaid Jokes.

  • Specs:

    Easy-to-access PDF file

    3.13 MB

    26 full-color pages

    Second-grade reading level

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