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Custom Mermaid Art

Custom Mermaid Art


Commision a custom mermaid portrait of you, your child, or your whole family! Choose your tail and fin colors, pick fun accessories or a hobby, and let Alvin Adhi work his magic!


Allow 3 to 6 weeks for digital delivery.


Also available as a comic-style artwork!

  • Survey

    Choose your style:

    • Caricature, a highly-detailed illustrated character (starting at $175)
    • Comic, a fun character in a simpler style (starting at $75)

    Choose your background:

    • Transparent (Make your own stickers!)
    • Open ocean, reef, or beach background
    • Comic strip

    Choose your tail and fin colors:

    • Favorite colors
    • A favorite fish (clownfish, swordfish, etc.)
    • A pallettes like "sunset", "rainbow" or "ocean"
    • Or send inspiration photos to

    Give Alvin more inspiration (optional):

    • Accessories (crown, jewels, musical instrument, etc.)
    • Hobbies (painting, reading, playing a sport, etc.)
    • "Easter egg" (A secret clue to hide in the image)

    Please send clear photos of your face and the info from this survey to

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    Kind regards,

    Tamara Rittershaus


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