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Mermaids Don't Fart - Full eBook

Mermaids Don't Fart - Full eBook


A laugh-out-loud picture book for ocean-lovers, full of friendship, funny jokes, and —Squeak!— a few stinky bubbles!


Shrimp says mermaids DON’T fart; Eel says mermaids DO. When their friendly wager goes wrong, Shrimp is caught in DEEP trouble. Can Eel get Mermaid to help save his friend? What will happen if a mermaid dives that deep?


And what's that smell? (Who knows, because MERMAIDS DON'T FART!)


Mermaids Don’t Fart is a laugh-out-loud picture book for joke-lovers, nature-lovers and mermaid fans of all ages. Written by rhyme-master Tamara Rittershaus (Marie's Big Adieu) and hilariously illustrated by Alvin Adhi (Eel's Book of Mermaid Jokes), it's a rhyming read-aloud for families who like to laugh!


Along with themes of friendship, service, and empathy, readers will learn about buoyancy (Bubbles? What bubbles?) and about symbiotic relationships on the reef.


Eel protects Shrimp from potential predators. Shrimp protects Eel from damaging parasites. They live on Mermaid Reef in awe of the Mermaid Scout Troop, who help their fellow sea creatures and protect the reef from environmental dangers. These unlikely best friends keep each other on their toes and tail fins with mermaid jokes.


Jokester Eel takes the mermaid jokes too far and his fart joke upsets all-too-serious Shrimp!

But all laughing aside, do mermaids actually poot, toot, or pass gas?

MERMAIDS DON’T FART is a mermaid book perfect for boys and girls ages 4 to 10, and anyone who loves a little fart joke. At a second-grade reading level (ATOS 3.3), it’s ideal for readers in first to fourth grades.


The characters of Mermaids Don’t Fart are also featured in Eel’s Book of Mermaid Jokes and Shrimp's Book of Fun Animal Facts. Learn more at


For poetry fans: This book is written in rhyme and meter as stanzas of anapestic tetrameter.


It is also a great motivational early reader for emerging readers and reluctant readers.

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